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Today I joined a writers’ tweet team, one of the latest ways of informing your circles about what’s hot and what’s not. I’ve heard that tweet teams can dramatically boost book sales because there’s great power in numbers.

After I posted my Tweets about Safe Harbor, I helped other writers promote their books by re-tweeting their messages about their author interviews, book sales, contests, freebies and giveaways.

I’ve heard complaints that all this is very time-consuming, but I didn’t find it overwhelming. You’re only on a team for a day at a time, and there were about 70 of us today. I sent out my RTs in two batches, one in the morning that took about 30 minutes and another in the late afternoon that took about 15 minutes because I’d got the hang of it by then. But I suppose if a lot more people get involved, it could get out of hand.

If you’re feeling really generous with your time, you can search on Twitter for #WLCAuthor, the hashtag all posts are required to have, and RT some there as well.

I came across a blog written by one of the writers on today’s team. He said he pays his 16-year-old son $20 a week to RT for him every day. All this writer has to do is compose and post his tweets. He even suggested that others hires his son to do their RTs.

Now, to see whether this team work produces results…

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