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Rosemary’s Short Fiction

Click on the links accompanying the cover illustrations to download the stories.

Cold Canadian Crime.jpg

“In From the Cold” in Cold Canadian Crime, Crime Writers of Canada, May 2022

In the Key of 13 cover.jpg

“Farewell to the King” in In the Key of 13, Carrick Publishing, October 2019


“The Fur Coat Conundrum” in  In the Spirit of 13, Carrick Publishing, October 2022

Mystery Weekly 2021.jpg

“The Passenger” in Mystery Weekly Magazine, September 2021

Kings River Life.png

“Weekend in Lisdoonvarna” in Kings River Life Magazine, March 2020

A Grave Diagnosis cover.jpg

“Hooked” in A Grave Diagnosis, Carrick Publishing, October 2020

Best Laid Plans cover.jpg

“The Sweetheart Scamster” reprinted in The Best Laid Plans, Superior Shores Press, June 2019

Mystery Most Edible Final Cover.jpg

“Dining Out” in Malice Domestic: Mystery Most Edible, May 2019

Mystery Weekly 2018.jpg

“Black Bear Country” in Mystery Weekly Magazine, July 2018

Passport to Murder Cover.jpg

“The Queen-Size Bed” in Passport to Murder: Bouchercon Anthology 2017, October 2017

13 Claws Cover.jpg

“Homebodies” in 13 Claws: An Anthology of Crime Stories, Carrick Publishing, October 2017

The Whole She-Bang.jpg

“Crossing Over” in
The Whole She-Bang,
Toronto Sisters in Crime,
October 2012

Black Coffee cover.jpg

“Crazy” reprinted in Black Coffee, Darkhouse Books, May 2016

Destination Mystery 2.jpg

“Plastic Paddies” in Destination: Mystery!, Darkhouse Books, August 2015

World Enough and Crime.jpg

“Antonia” in World Enough and Crime, Carrick Publishing, October 2014

Mother Margaret cover.jpg

“Crazy” in Mother Margaret and the Rhinoceros Café, Kaleidoscope

Anthology, 2003

Nefarious North 2.jpg

“The Pre-paid Funeral”

in Nefarious North,

Karen Dryden Publishing, December 2013

13 O'Clock Cover.jpg

“Nick of Time” in 13 O’Clock, Carrick Publishing,
September 2015

Thirteen cover this one.jpg

“The Sweetheart Scamster” in Thirteen, Carrick Publishing, August 2013

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