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Uncharted Waters

It’s Pat Tierney’s chance to run her own business, the way she wants to run a business. Without anyone breathing down her neck. She’s done her homework, and she’s found a small financial planning practice that looks like a good fit. Its purchase means taking out a large loan to finance the deal, and she has no idea whether the clients she will acquire will stay with her. It’s risky, but she’s willing to proceed.

The one thing she hasn’t factored in is a murder. Dean Monaghan, the business’s vendor, is found stabbed to death in his office shortly after the sale document is signed. Attempting to maintain her business’s good reputation, Pat searches for Dean’s killer—and the reason why he was killed.

When Dean’s son, Lukas, tries to put her out of business, Pat finds herself living her worst nightmare. She’s ventured into uncharted waters that are teeming with sharks.

Publisher : Carrick Publishing; 1st edition (Aug. 19 2020)

ISBN-10 : 1772421197
ISBN-13 : 978-1772421194
Publisher : Carrick Publishing

(Sept. 15 2020)

Where It’s Available

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Praise for Uncharted Waters

Another delightful outing for Rosemary McCracken’s sleuth, Pat Tierney. Ever astute, Pat believably negotiates murder and mayhem that threatens to wreck her life.  As well as a good story, Uncharted Waters has additional benefits such as the depiction of the inner world of financial investment. And a hilarious portrait of contemporary baby showers. More Pat Tierney, please!

Maureen Jennings, author of the Detective Murdoch mystery series, the DCI Tom Tyler series, and the Charlotte Frayne P.I. series


As a single mother in her late 40s, Pat Tierney knows her decision to embark on uncharted waters by opening her own financial planning practice is a professional and a personal risk. But when the uncharted waters prove to be a shark pool, bloody with betrayal and murder, Pat must fight not just for her livelihood but for her life.  Uncharted Waters is McCracken’s best Pat Tierney mystery yet!

Gail Bowen, author of the Joanne Kilbourn Shreve mystery series

“Real estate fraud at heart of novelist’s new mystery,” article in The Minden Times, November 2020 (click on link to read the article)

In Rosemary McCracken’s fourth book featuring the crackerjack businesswoman Pat Tierney, Pat is back in Toronto from cottage country anxious to get into operation as a financial planner. How exactly does a financial planner function? The answer is crucial to the plot, and in one of the book’s many virtues, McCracken offers a painless education in the skills and ethics of a successful practitioner in the field. Unfortunately for Tierney, the guy from whom she buys her new firm is murdered just as the deal closes. For public relations purposes if nothing else, Tierney needs to solve the crime, not an easy task since suspects rapidly become thick on the ground. Tierney, as ever a smart and admirable character, treats us to sleuthing that is, also as ever, altogether clever and risky.

Jack Batten, crime fiction reviewer, Toronto Star

I read ROSEMARY MCCRACKEN’s latest offering in her Pat Tierney series, Uncharted Waters (#4) ($19.99) and really enjoyed it. Pat is heading into uncharted waters when she decides to set up her own financial planning practice and wants to buy an existing business. Trouble starts just after the sale documents are signed and the man she bought the business from is found dead. Murdered, of course! Not a good way to start out on your own! Part of the enjoyment of reading the book for me is its setting. Most of the action takes place in and around Toronto, and I can follow the characters and say, yes! I know where that is. Her previous book, Raven Lake (#3) ($19) was similar, as it is set mostly in cottage country, and again I felt like I knew where I was going. Pat has a complicated life, full of events and responsibilities that are similar to all of us, but throw murder into the mix and she has her hands full. Especially when the son of the dead man from whom she has just bought the practice is claiming that the business sale is not legitimate and he starts defaming her character! Twists and turns, interesting info. on how financial planners work (especially if you are thinking of using one), diverse characters, good plot…the book zipped along at a fast trot and before I knew it, I had finished it.

Marian Misters, co-owner of the Sleuth of Baker Street bookstore,

in The Merchant of Menace newsletter, November 2020

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