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To our Guardian Angels: a big ‘Thank You!’

Rosemary at Lion’s Head Beach.

Heading home from our holiday in Tobermory yesterday, Ed and I nearly bit the dust on Highway 10. All of a sudden, a car was barrelling down on us, travelling north. I screamed. Someone above must have heard me because, in a few more seconds, we would have been plastered on that oncoming vehicle’s grille.

Ed pulled the wheel sharply to the right. We careened onto the highway’ s sandy shoulder, rattled but alive. But in a few more seconds…

Neither Ed nor I had ever visited Tobermory or the Bruce Peninsula before. We had five days of beautiful summer weather and took in some amazing scenery. Our getaway was intended to be a much-needed break after months of house isolation. But limping back to Toronto, I realized it was much more significant. It was occasion for celebration: We made it back alive.

Thank you, Guardian Angels!

Ed at Lion’s Head Beach.

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