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My 3 favourite reads of the year!

A few weeks ago, Ben Fox, a book lover with a mission to help authors meet more readers, asked me to post my three favourite reads of the year on his website, Given that were still 12 weeks of good reading left in 2023 at the time, I came up with three books by three outstanding Canadian crime fiction writers: the late Peter Robinson, Maureen Jennings and Anthony Bidulka. All released this year.

Check out what I said about Standing in the Shadows, Cold Snap and Livingsky in my Shepherd post, which was published today.

Thank you, Ben, for all your efforts in bringing books to the attention of readers around the world!

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1 Comment

Nov 01, 2023

Is it too early for me to declare my 3 favourite people of 2023? #1 Rosemary! I'm thinking Ben Fox might be #2. Many thanks.

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