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Today, I’m delighted to be a guest on Shelley Workinger’s blog, But What Are They Eating? I’ve posted about the role restaurants play in my fiction, especially stories set in Toronto, one of the world’s most multicultural cities. Toronto’s eateries allow me to showcase the city’s incredible diversity. Food from all over the world is being served in the city, and Pat Tierney, my financial planner protagonist, makes a point of sampling as much of it as she can.

Like so much in my writing, this goes back to my days as a journalist, in particular my years as a restaurant reviewer at the Calgary Herald. I got to eat some great food, and I began to see restaurants as an integral part of a city’s culture.

Check out my entire post here.

Ironically, I’ve posted this at a time when dining out has been temporarily prohibited in Toronto, where I now live, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking forward to restaurants opening again soon–please!

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