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Paddling on Raven Lake

Raven Lake is now in the hands of Imajin Books’ editor, Todd Barselow. Todd is always a treat to work with.

Editors correct misspellings, punctuation errors, incorrect word usage, and make the book conform to the publishing house’s style rules. But the most effective editors do a lot more than that. They develop a feel for the author’s vision, and take the almost-complete product, and clip, prune and graft. And Todd does all this as painlessly as possible–without trampling on sensitive writers’ feelings.

This week I created a new Facebook Author’s page, and I’m trying to migrate as many of my friends to it as possible. PLEASE give the page a LIKE, by going to the page here.

AND if you can SHARE some advice about attracting friends to a new Author page, I would really appreciate any comments on this you could leave below this post.

Directly below an image of Pat Tierney in her kayak on Raven Lake. But this is NOT the cover image. That is currently being designed by Imajin’s  Ryan Doan.

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