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Praise for Uncharted Waters!

Reviews have started coming in as UNCHARTED WATERS finds its way into the hands of readers. JofromCanada’s five-star Sept. 26 Amazon review reads:

I recently finished “Uncharted Waters”, a mystery by Rosemary McCracken. I was thrilled when the release date was announced. I have read Rosemary’s three previous novels and several of her short stories and was looking forward to getting thoroughly absorbed in another tale of murder, intrigue and a fearless woman determined to find justice. The only problem I had was that the desire, fed by a great plot, to find how Pat Tierney, the protagonist, solves the mystery was pushing me to read quickly. But, at the same time I struggled to slow my reading down so I wouldn’t face the time when the book was done and I was bereft of the world McCracken had drawn me into. I paced myself and stretched the joy of reading “Uncharted Waters” over several evenings. I am a bit sad the tale is told, but mostly grateful for another great adventure from Rosemary McCracken. If you haven’t read the first three Pat Tierney novels (and why haven’t you??), don’t worry. “Uncharted Waters” is a stand alone story, but, once you’ve read this one, I’ll bet you read the others. You’re in for a treat!

A treat read, jam-packedwith colourful charactersand vivid descriptions of Toronto Lisa de Nikolits

And Lisa de Nikolits, in her five-star Sept. 28 Goodreads review, says:

This, the fourth adventure in the Pat Tierney series, may well be the best yet! It’s no secret that I’m a fan of McCracken’s polished prose and clever plots but this one knocks it out of the ballpark. I thoroughly enjoyed the escapades of Pat Tierney and her ever-growing family as she navigates increasingly perilous waters, this time as she takes over the reins of a business where all is not as it seems. The plot is so compelling it had me resetting my passwords and checking all my bank accounts – and wishing I had a financial advisor as savvy as Pat! This is a treat read, jam-packed with colourful characters and vivid descriptions of Toronto. And, as always, I can’t wait to see what Pat Tierney gets up to next!

Thank you, Jo and Lisa! Readers’ reviews make all the difference in getting word out about a new release. And they are extremely helpful to other readers.

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